Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge

Hi Lovelies!

Last weekend, I was off to a fun and relaxing treat together with some of the metro's lifestyle bloggers. I was actually lacking some R&R lately and being invited to something that would help me make time for that is such a great treat.

I was actually surprised to see a lot of activities lined up for us that day. First stop right after I met with my friend April was the short film being played at the second floor of Romulo Cafe, Tomas Morato. We quickly grabbed some truffles and smoothies on our way up.

Yummy smoothies made from Acti-V. A perfect match for the popcorn!

Here's a photo of April and me obviously enjoying our massage. She got the head and scalp massage with aroma oil and I got the back massage with cold pebbles.

Next up, we're headed to the artsy part of the event. Designing our very own lunch box! I was kinda shy at first knowing that I don't really have good creative skills and all. But eventually, I went ahead and did the best I could to make a good one.

Peachy and I posing for the camera while I look at their patterns for ideas.

Lunch box making time with Jen, Tin, Rowena, Kai, April, and Shen

Check out my finished product. I know what you're thinking, and no, I am not born an artsy person.

We also did a short stop to create our own mini pillows! I made an NYOBQ inspired look for this. :)

After all the fun activities, we were all invited to dine and witness a sweet and short program with Ms. Cherie Gil. Little did we know that she is also a blogger! What's even amazing is that, even if she is in her golden age, she is still as graceful, talented, witty, and beautiful as ever. I would be glad to live in my fifties just like how she lived hers.

Gorgeous ladies who won the game. Congratulations, loves!

Group photo with Ms. Cherie Gil together with the Nestle Acti-V team.

I also saw the gorg Ms. Earth during the event

One last pose with April, Sarah, and Shen before we head out the event

Here is what I wore during the event. I thought of putting on something comfy yet good enough to cover me just in case the rain pours and of course, some flats.

Top: British India
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: SM Department Store
Watch: Casio (Gifted)
Bag: Steve Madden

Many thanks to AJ Yabut for sharing with me some of his lovely photos!

Here's to hoping a great mid-week for all of you! Brace yourselves, the weekend is coming! :)

Bloggingly yours,

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  1. that's amazing..wish I could join sa blogger event in manila and meet some Filipino celebs too


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